Home Building-Development or Custom Built

If you are new to home building as a first-time buyer, you may feel intimidated and overwhelmed about the all of the choices you will be making. Home building can be a very rewarding and very stressful experience. Home building in a development is very different from building a custom home on your own lot. Working with a contractor is different from building your own home. You have many choices for features and building materials for your home as well. It is important that you educate yourself as much as possible when you go through the home building process.

Homes in a development will generally not have as many unique features and customized design options as other homes. But, if you have limited funds this may be the best way for you to get into a home of your own because you will not have to pay so many design costs. If you have more money to spend on your home building project, some luxury housing developments allow for more elaborate features and more customization.

On the other hand, you may want to have a custom built home. Custom home building requires a lot more decision making because not only will you be deciding on where your home is built, you will also decide on your own floor plan and features. If you are working with a contractor, you will also need to find a reputable one. You can check with the home building organization or contractor’s organization in your local area or state for recommendations. The Better Business Bureau also keeps tabs on local contractors. Your contractor should be licensed, bonded and insured.

Many people who are trying to save money on their custom home building do some of the work themselves. If you are working with a contractor, you will want to make sure that this is something they are willing to have you do. You can save a lot of money by doing work on the home yourself and you may even learn a few new skills in the process.

In a custom home and in some developments you can choose what types of materials are used in your future home. One choice that is getting more popular is “green” building materials such as steel framing or roofs, energy saving windows and recycled or salvage materials. This is a way that you can save money now and in the future.

The location of your custom home depends on what you can afford and your lifestyle and tastes. It will affect the value of your home in the future and should be chosen carefully. Think about access to utilities and amenities as well as how much land you want.