Tips For Creating Open Living Space To Attract Home Buyers

Home renovators are thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating new, exciting living spaces inside old walls. Home buyers can now benefit from some great real estate bargains that were unheard of just a few years ago. Many older homes are now available at great prices, but are slow to sell. The interior room design of many of these houses is a major drawback.

Small rooms with low ceilings often feel crowed. Many also suffer from bad lighting and an insufficient amount of external light. These different factors add up to a home that feels dreary and outdated. The structure may be sound and the location may be perfect, but if the interior is uninspired, modern home buyers just don’t seem interested.

There is a solution to the dilemma of the cramped interior. Today’s innovative remodelers and designers have found new ways to reinvent interiors. They are not limited to changing floor or wall treatments, now they have trained their eyes to look past the walls and even the ceilings.

One popular approach involves tearing down walls in common spaces and using counters and multi-level floors to separate living space. A wide counter with bar stools allows the kitchen to connect to the dining area or family room. When walls are removed the living area may feel twice as large, even though there was no real expansion in terms of square feet. The sunken living room is also experiencing a comeback from the 60’s. Dropping the floor level by a couple feet will create yet another room within a room.

If home buyers are longing for a sense of grandeur, they might consider creating a Grand Room with a vaulted ceiling. A portion of the second floor can be removed to create a high ceiling. Decorative staircases leading up to the remaining second floor rooms are often exciting features that add to the over-all ambience of the grand room.

By removing walls and ceilings, dark homes often become bright and cheerful. A skylight and track lights can add even more light if desired. Wood floors and ceilings and natural stone tiles and counters add a warm, rich atmosphere to the overall room design.

Another tip is to create vaulted ceilings by opening areas with unused attic space. This is a fairly low cost, high value added space saving solution. You can even add in a skylight to increase brightness.

If even more room is sought, covered porches can be converted into sunrooms that open into common space or simply expand the grand room or living room.