Vinyl Log Siding – The Look Without the Maintenance

Log houses look really attractive. However, there is a lot of maintenance necessary in order to keep a log house looking that way. Log houses need to be cleaned multiple times per year, and are subject to damage from water and insects. This maintenance can take a lot of time and money each year, so many people forgo the look of a log house in order to save themselves from the trouble of the maintenance required for this kind of house. However, it is possible to get the look of a log house without the maintenance by using the various vinyl log siding options that are now available.

Any vinyl siding installation specialist should be able to install your vinyl log siding, there is no need to find a special contractor to do the installation. Although it looks like log siding once it is installed, this type of siding installs just like regular vinyl siding, so it is very easy to install. It is made with a foam layer behind the curve of the siding so that it resists denting and holds its shape. You can even get vinyl log siding door and window trims if you would like. As with regular vinyl siding, no maintenance is required for vinyl log siding except for a cleaning now and then with a power washer or hose.

Just like regular log houses come in a variety of wood types, you can get vinyl log siding to mimic the looks of different types of woods. There are companies that provide a variety of different finishes, including cedar or pine. One of the manufacturer’s of vinyl log siding, Timbermill, offers Timber Wolf Gray, Warm Cedar, or Harvest Brown as options for the siding it sells. This company seems to be the one that most commonly supplies vinyl log siding.

Since painting vinyl siding is possible, if you wanted a bit less of a traditional log cabin look you could also paint your vinyl log siding, as long as you take the proper steps to do so. Your siding would have to be clean, mildew free, and you would have to paint it a color that is no darker than the original color of the siding.