Building A Chicken Coop – 3 Crucial Elements To Think About When Constructing One

Building a chicken coop in the backyard is a rather new and future household addition. Actually, chicken coops are sprouting up everywhere!? Check around you extremely own neighborhood, you’ll be surprised. From the country to the city, chicken coops could be built and enjoyed by everybody.

Though there are actually hundreds of chicken coop styles on the market, most of them may be divided into two types. Some coops are portable, meaning they do not have a bottom and may be moved around a field or pasture to offer your chickens with fresh grass. It’s often referred to as the chicken factor-style coop. On the flip side, a permanent coop is created to stay wherever you initial build it and is most effective when you have only a limited quantity of backyard space for your chickens.

In order to make the best chicken coop for you and your family, you’ll find 3 quite a few elements that need to be considered. You would like the chicken coop most suited to your residence environment… the coop that will permit your family to raise chickens in the easiest, lowest-stress, and most enjoyable way achievable.


Your location ought to be near water and electricity supply. Without a close water supply you might possibly wind up toting heavy water fountains back and forth every day merely to create out there sanitary water for your chickens.

Automatic watering is achievable with a nearby water faucet which will also eliminate much manual labor. As a bonus, water will certainly make any essential cleaning activities much less trouble.


The cost of feed every month is fairly low, approximately 1 dollar per chicken. And last but not least, keep in mind to get some grit into the chicken coop. They require this. Having said that, oyster shells aren’t excellent for chickens. An excellent little trick would be to cook the shells of eggs that have already been utilized within the oven.

Take them out when they’re crunchy and got a little shaded color. Then grind them down until they’ve the same texture that grit does. This works like a charm.

Some owners get the blunder of feeding the birds leftovers from their own meals. This will need to be avoided. Due to the fact the food will not contain the appropriate balance of nutrients and minerals the chickens need to lay very good eggs and maintain healthy. Don’t take the risk.


Last, do not forget to install protection around the coop. You must maintain predators out. It really is of no use if other chicken-preying predators might be the ones to benefit from your chickens.

Be sure that aside from supplying the coop itself with durable walls, there really should also be barb wires which will be buried 12 inches into the ground to guarantee that they’ll not be lifted off effortlessly, and 4 feet high above the ground just enough to maintain predators away.

If you are thinking about building a chicken coop of your really own, you may assume that it is fairly effortless to do, after all, you’re just building what amounts to a walk-in pin for your chickens. What could possibly be much more challenging?

The answer is that building a chicken coop just isn’t nearly as straightforward as it sounds. There are many small things you’ll want to take into consideration prior to you begin building.