Modern Day Slaves Right Next Door in America

Many won’t argue the fact that slavery ended well over a century ago but are you aware that slavery has started all over again or did it ever really end? Modern day slavery is every where and its no longer decided by race, age, or religion. Its a battle of the mind and these big corporations are winning.

I was trapped in this “modern day slavery” just a few months ago at a “job” that I absolutely hated but couldn’t leave because I had to pay my bills. At least that’s what I was worried about at the time. There’s a saying kind of like they pay you enough for you to survive and work for them but no where near enough for you to live life and be happy. So many people are aware of this but can’t and won’t do anything about it because of 3 possible fears.

Fear of:

-not being able to pay bills/take care of family -failure -uncertainty.

I forgot one. The subconscious fear of being successful. This is the fear of hearing your friends tell you the worst phrase ever; “oh you’ve changed”. People say they don’t care but could you really handle that? Being successful is all about change because if your not successful, then your doing something wrong and it’s time for change.

Ok; Now before I’m accused of calling everybody slaves, I’m referring to the people, like I was, who live check to check, hate their job, are very unhappy etc. Don’t get me wrong. There are janitors who are happy with their job. If they’re happy, then I’m happy for them for finding their true calling.

I talk about real estate a lot because that is mines and many others true path to success, but the true path to the road to success is finding something that makes you happy.

One of my buyers on my list told me how she’s flipped houses and passed the real estate exam with flying colors but said real estate was boring to her. She then learned to fly planes and traveled the world. She is rich mentally, spiritually, financially and truly happy.

Now leading up to my being fired, many were worried about me. Those ones that were worried, truly cared for me and I will always be grateful for that. They felt that I would probably be lost without a job. Well little did they know, the night I got fired, I felt like a free man and actually found happiness and a great sense of accomplishment just on my walk to the car. I was smiling from ear to ear all the way home because I knew that this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I had found something that I could make a boat load of cash doing and that could open more doors once I made enough money. That night, I felt like the chains had been taken off and I was no longer enslaved to that over night grueling work I had been trapped in for the last 2 years.

I listen to some people talk and I truly feel sorry for them. I see them in my old shoes but they either don’t have the means or the courage to do what I did and try on a new pair of shoes. I bet you never heard it used like that before…LOL. Anyways, I don’t even know what to say half the time but that they should try real estate. They usually change the subject and I realize it every time. That just makes me realize that every one wasn’t made to be real estate investors, or Dr’s or lawyers. This would be a messed up world if everyone was millionaires don’t you think? Doesn’t mean you have to work hard and be broke all the time though.

My case and point is slavery still exists. Its just been cleaned up a lot with benefits, a lot more pay, vacation time and 30 cent raises every year. It’s no longer a race issue but rather a issue with the mind where anyone that feels they can’t do better will fall prey to these big corporations who will make them do anything and everything they can for minimum pay which is so much better than minimum wage right? No.

Don’t let anyone but yourself tell you how valuable your time is. As soon as you get to the point where you can set the value, it’s time to make that change. To get to that point, I encourage you to read books. Gain knowledge and wisdom.

Stop watching BET and read books like “Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest you destiny” by Hill Harper if you want to hear a brother keep it real from a man’s point of view.

Stop watching CNN and read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki if you really want to educate yourself on money. CNN and NBC might as well be called CRAP because that’s what most of the stuff they report on is. If you don’t believe me, do research. That’s another story.

Do different exercises to strengthen your mind. Tell yourself every morning that you can do better than what you did the day before. Success and happiness is in each in every one of us. Sometimes it takes bills getting behind to awaken the sleeping giant inside you. In my case, a boss treating me and my co-workers like CNN (CRAP) made me realize that I needed to do better and I did.

I remember he use to try to make me say “I’m here to serve” to customers instead of thank you. Its that type of slave mentality that will have him in chains for life. In a recent internet brawl I guess you could call it, he told me basically that my stupidity over shadowed my potential and that that’s the reason I’m at where I’m at now. Question for you.

Mentally, spiritually and very soon to be financially, how many people do you think want to be where I’m at? Dennis_Marshall