Learn How to Build a Pergola Over Your Patio For a Fraction of the Kit Price

Pergolas add dappled shade and create an outdoor space that is cozy yet open.

You might be surprised at how easily you can build one yourself. I will go over some of the basics of the project and you can decide if it’s something you can handle.

You will need a sketch or a set of plans first. To be safe, be sure you get an approved permit before you start construction.

There is a lot of cutting to be done but none of it is fancy. If you want to make diagonal cuts on the ends of the boards a jigsaw can be used.

A good cordless drill and deck screws are prominent in this project and having a helper to hold up boards for you can be a huge time saver.
Also, I find it easiest to stain your wood (if that’s the look you want) before you construct the pergola rather than after.

You will attach the ledger board to your house, being sure it is secured well. The number of posts you need will depend on the size of the pergola.

You can figure on having posts no more than 10 feet apart but check your local building codes for directions.

You will attach the posts to each other with stringers; your helper will come in handy here. Hardware is used to attach more stringers between the ledger board and the post stringers. If you are using a plan, the list of hardware needed should come with it. Add some diagonal bracing from the main stringer to the posts for stability.

Now, add some brackets for hanging flower baskets, add a few strings of lights and enjoy.