Keep Chickens & Build a Poultry Shed – An Ideal Poultry Housing Solution is Easier Than You Think

I would not mind betting that like me, you thought that to build a poultry shed would be a pretty difficult thing to do. Well, you might find that you are in for a pleasant surprise, just as I was. I have found so much information, that to build a poultry shed is far more simple than you can even begin to imagine.

I had looked at buying a readymade coop but, was pretty shocked at how expensive they were. I mean, to buy the same amount of materials that would be involved in building it at my local DIY store really would not cost anywhere near the amount that the store was charging.

I guess that they are getting you to pay for somebody else having measured and sawn the timber for you. I really do not think that is good value for money somehow, especially when I then realised that it would come flat packed and needed me to get a screw driver to assemble it anyway.

It would seem that there really has been a massive renewed interest worldwide in chicken keeping. I cannot say for sure why this might be, but perhaps we, the consumer have realised that to be able to enjoy fresh tasting free range eggs from our own chickens is far more achievable now than it ever has been and with all this poultry keeping knowledge so readily available you can see how and why this has happened.

With so many easy to follow hints, tips and tricks especially on DIY chicken housing so easily accessible at the touch of a button, you may end up wishing you had taken up keeping chickens in your own backyard long before now. Having done a bit of research on, what I can only assume were once closely guarded poultry housing secrets it really looks as easy as 123 to provide your poultry with fantastic housing.

If you can follow some simple instructions which guide you through from beginning to end and can use a screw driver, I promise you now that you are on to a sure fire winner. You do not have to think, just do and how simple is that?

The flexibility in building your own coop is beyond compare. I could not find a single readymade coop that met all of my needs and believe me I tried. To be able to provide the right amount of ventilation to keep the housing well aired and enough ramps, walkways and the necessary perches was such a find.

To build a poultry shed will give you such a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have provided such durable accommodation to house your chickens, that it will keep them safe and secure from predators as possible and that you have been able to build a poultry shed so cost effectively too I find totally amazing.