General Contractor – The Best Personality Traits in a Professional

A general contractor is a professional in the building trades who manages construction crews and projects. The larger the project, the more skilled and competent the person running the job better be. Every occupation or field of employment draws a certain type of individual. This is due to both their aptitude and personality type. Here are some of the traits to look for when interviewing general contractors:

-High ethics: In order to be a licensed contractor, this professional must follow a multitude of rules regarding building codes. Building codes have been put into place by governmental agencies at the county and city level in order to assure the safety of each building before it’s inhabited. A highly ethical pro will be certain that all codes are met properly because they care about their customers as well as the law. An individual without an ethical bent may skimp in certain areas to save a dollar. This would result in a faulty and unsafe product.
-Intelligence: In order to pass all licensing requirements, this professional must be intelligent, have a good memory and be capable of passing tests in order to receive their contracting license. He or she must understand the importance of each area of study that he or she is tested upon.
-Math aptitude: The construction trade requires a high math aptitude. Engineering plans, measuring and leveling all entail the ability to perform mathematics functions with competence. They need to be able to handle the financial aspects of a project, which require numbers competence, too. If this pro has shaky math skills, the building projects that they work on will be shaky, as well.
-Mechanical ability: Mechanical ability is an innate sense to understand how things work. Tools, walls, roofs, plumbing and electrical systems are all components of a building that will require the knowledge of mechanics.
-Good communication skills: A good communicator is a person who listens well and is able to speak so that others understand. A general contractor will be coordinating sub-contractors, communicating with the project’s owner and governmental agencies. It is imperative that he or she be an excellent communicator.
-Gets along well with others: A manager of construction jobs must get along with a variety of people, including the project’s owner, the crews, vendors, suppliers and bureaucrats. He or she doesn’t need to be Sally Sunshine but must be able to command respect and give respect in order to get the job done right.
-Good reputation in the building trades community: There is a tightly woven network of workers in the trades community. Everyone within this network will know whether a contractor is fair, strong, pays on time and does stellar work. All workers want to toil for a strength based manager who dependably pays them and ends up with fine quality craftsmanship. The sub-contractors’ reputations will be affected by who they work under.
-Responsible and timely: It is crucial that things move along on time in order to meet ongoing deadlines.

Having a competent general contractor with the appropriate personality traits will mean the difference between a job well done and one that limps along.