Tricks and Tips on Dog Clicker Training

Dog clicker training is a form of operant conditioning scheme using a clicker, or any mechanical noisemaker, as an indicator of behavior. Operant conditioning in this case is focuses on the modification of the operant behavior. This means that the operation is maintained trough consequences which are very different from its opponent, classical conditioning. Naturally, the process utilizes the use of the positive reinforcement to gain a good response for the behavior sought. The clicker training was first used by two psychology graduate students, Marian Bailey and Keeler Breland. According to them, training is essential for animals in order for them to elicit the proper behavior that they have learned. These two are students of B.F. Skinner who developed operant conditioning.

The clicker training is very essential for dog training because this helps your pet become responsible and good. No one would want his dog to be a nuisance in the house or everywhere. So, by investing in a dog clicker training, the effort and the investment is worth it.

During the training, the behavior is satisfactorily dependent on the utilization of the clicker. This works through adding commands to the click. The dog clicker training has so many advantages. First is, we know that owners need to have a very good communication with their pets to have a good relationship with them. In this case, the owner should also be the one training his dog. The handler will be the one to reinforce the behaviors to his dog. When the dog learns the art of reward and punishment, he will think that showing good behavior will give him more gains and will stop making mistakes over and over again. This will also eventually result to, the dog following the much complex commands that his handler might ask him.

Clicker training also results to fast learning and long retention. The reinforcement of the clicker could also bring joy to the dog. The commands learned with the clicker can be retained for so many years even without practicing it for quite a time. This is because the dog participates fully to the training. Trial and error is also very effective rather than just responding to the situation rapidly.

So how does the dog clicker training works? Owners should know that this works in two detached steps. First is information and the second is motivation. The dog clicker training is different from the other traditional trainings because while the traditional confuse the dogs most of the time, the dog clicker training makes the dog differentiate well which behavior is good and which is not. And because we sought retention, we need to realize that rewarding the dog rapidly will not work.

The clicker can be purchased in any pet shops and it is just a small metallic device. Before starting the training, you need to plan ahead and prepare the primary (food, toys, physical affection) and secondary reinforcements (taking your dog for a walk) that you might give your dog. These are very essential part of the training so you need to invest time and effort in this.