Tips to Building a House For a Large Dog – A Must Read!

Having a large dog living indoor can be quite trying. Obviously the problems with a large dog, from chewing to wetting all over the house is bigger than their smaller counterparts. Most of us hate the idea of the family pet living outside but if you build the right type of dog house, your disobedient beast will be happy, safe and content… for the most part!

Free Plans or Paid Plans?

There are many dog house plans to choose from, of course some are free, some are not. Please make sure that whichever you choose you must get a set of plans that not only list all the materials you will need but the one that also tells you what sizes to cut all the wood pieces into.

Sure they are free dog house plans you can find online. However, you are likely to get what you pay for. Spending a few bucks on a good set of plans designed by a professional will actually end up saving you money and time… and your dog will love its new house and be a lot happier as well.

What If Your Dog Likes to Chew On Furniture?

One important thing you must always remember is that if your dog chews on furniture, he will almost certainly chew on his new house as well. So you need to make sure that you do not use pressure treated wood in areas where the dog can hold of. This type of wood is injected with dangerous chemicals to stop it from rotting and prevent insect damage by killing the intruder!

If this is the case, you need to use only natural wood and then seal it with a good quality primer and outdoor paint that is not toxic. Any damaged areas will need to be repainted before moisture is drawn in and damage the wood. So please remember this is mind also.

Large Dog House – Is It Good or Bad?

Remember also that the larger you build the dog house the harder it will be to keep warm with the dog’s own body heat. You may think that giving your dog a roomy house to walk around in is a good thing but those open spaces will not be comfortable at all for him on a chilly night.