The Benefits of Garage Shelving Starting to Be Noticed

Councils and authorities across the UK are starting to realise the value and benefit that Garage Shelving provides. The realisation has led to many Councils investing in upgrades to public lock-up garages, increasing the storage area and security of the facilities they provide.

Recently the decision was made by Lanarkshire council to invest in garage shelving and racking. Lock-up garages in the county are to receive £800,000 in upgrades after the residents complained about the state of them. The proposals centre around installing structural upgrades, followed by installing garage shelving and racking into the buildings.

The initial investment will be used to plug gaps in buildings and then install the garage shelving and racking systems, to provide residents with adequate storage, said East Kilbride central south councillor John Anderson.

One owner told the publication: “John has been helping us with this for a long time and it is good to see all our efforts have been rewarded. We look forward to the work being completed and finally having an area to be proud of.”

The new garage shelving could potentially increase the storage area of the units by utilising wall space, ceiling space and vertical space not currently used. It is also hoped the shelving will provide an anchor point to which valuable items can be securely fixed.

The investment has been approved by South Lanarkshire Council, as reported by the East Kilbride News. It is hoped the programme will start soon in Westwood, where residents have complained about the state of the garages.

This comes as a new garage has been built in Skegness to house Stagecoach buses, with racking and shelving also installed to hold equipment needed to repair any of the vehicles.