There is a wide range of factors to consider when it comes to buying a new home. Style and suitability are high on the list, likewise is affordability and durability. Though sustainability of building materials affects us all and is also very important for number of reasons.

Nowadays, its vital that building materials are sustainable for the current generation to meet its needs, though we need to keep in mind that what we do and use now, could impact adversely on future generations. By using reusable and durable materials now, we’ll hopefully make less of an impact in the years ahead.

A material such as steel is a sustainable material for reasons that are vital to all parties concerned. Steel products are durable and the long life of steel means that valuable resources and energy consumption is conserved in the manufacturing process of other building materials.

A good example of this is wood. Due to an increased use of steel, the demand for wood as a construction material means fewer trees would need to be lopped. In turn, the manufacturing process is reduced and so on. Furthermore, builders also have compulsory sustainability obligations that must be met under the voluntary green building ratings system, when it comes to using building materials.

However, these are many other economical reasons to use steel when building your home. Steel has superior strength and durability, which makes it the preferred material of choice by many consumers, especially in areas where certain building codes are enforced.

Steel is lightweight, but this does not detract from its strength. Steel has a high strength to weight ratio and this is advantageous for a number of reasons. Firstly being lightweight means that it’s easy to transport and freight prices are reduced. Its strength to weight ratio means that you can have longer spans and fewer columns – less material needed and extra savings.

Steel will not rot, warp, twist or split and is resistant to fire. It’s also impervious to termites and borers making it one of very few materials that can be used in many areas where these pests are a massive nuisance. Steel is 100{b2ed3b54c6cb9345f76fcfc3de822373c963a65b7650c57825784f50324f921f} recyclable and is the most recycled product in the world.

Steel is known for its adaptability too. Many steel products are devised to enable disassembly and reassembly in their current form for other purposes, resulting in savings due to not having to purchase new materials. Steel can be prefabricated also, making construction easier on site. This minimizes waste and also assists in creating safer work sites.

BlueScope Steel is a trusted Australian company with over 40 years in the steel industry. Their products deliver quality that Australians have confidence in. Their range of Colorbond offers 20 different colours to choose from and comes with Thermatech technology.

Thermatech assists in reducing energy costs by reflecting the sun’s heat away from your home. It’s like having additional insulation at no extra cost to you and you can benefit by enjoying optimum comfort in the warmer months of the year.

When it comes to considering what materials you will build your dream home from, steel ought to be at the top of your list for the facts mentioned in this article. If you are looking for a strong, durable, stylish home with good looks you can’t go wrong with BlueScope steel.