Special Bird Houses – Protect and Preserve

Wooden bird houses come in many sizes, styles and purposes. A wooden bird house is more than a crafted box for birds of all types to nest in; the size and style of the house will dictate the type of bird to use it. All birds require different types of nesting entries, exits, sizes and locations.

Before making or purchasing a wooden bird house, take a good look at the type of birds you enjoy in your garden and neighborhood. Maybe there are birds you see only occasionally and wish you could attract to your yard more frequently. Perchance you have birds in need of habitat for the winter or to shelter against larger predators in your region.

Decide which birds you need a house for and why. Wooden bird houses, although functional, can be exciting miniature projects for even an amateur wood worker. Your end product will not only provide shelter for a bird family, but can be a collectible and colorful addition to your environment. So once you have decided which birds you need to build houses for, take the time to research exactly what those birds will require inside and out.

The design specifications are crucial to a dry and safe shelter. The size of the entry and/or exit is specific to avoid larger birds, snakes or other critters hurting the babies or taking over the shelter. If this aspect of the bird house is not correct, the shelter will not be used by any birds. The interior is the next section of a wooden bird house that is critical to a safe habitat; for example, some require a mesh to drop down from the exit providing an interior grip or climb.

So do your homework and build or purchase the appropriate bird houses based on safe design. The result will be preserving many happy bird families from year to year.