I really can’t think of any home improvement investment more cost-effective than a solar electric system. Not only that, by installing a solar system in your house, you are contributing and investing towards a more sustainable society, right there in front of all of your neighbors.

For most American homes, it is true that the kitchen is the place of the house where that family members and friends spend most of their time (when they are not sleeping). It is therefore important to have a comfortable and functional kitchen that you love and enjoy. However, it does not matter how much money you invested in having the kitchen of your dreams, you will never get you money back; all you can do is to use it, clean it and enjoy it.

The same is true for bathrooms, gardens, pools, outside patios and pretty much any upgrade you can perform on your home… except for solar systems, of course!

Ask any well informed realtor and they all will tell you that a solar electric system will increase the value of you property, whether your planing on selling it or living there forever. At current prices, a solar electric system will pay itself in 5-7 years, solely with the electricity that is being produced and sold back to the electric grid. The life cycle of a well maintained solar system is of more than 30 years. In other words, you will have 20+ years or free electricity produced right there in your property.

If you, your spouse or your contractor are creative, the solar system does not have to be on your roof. It can be on a trellis next to your swimming pool. If you have an extensive property, maybe a vineyard, you can build it in the back of the property. Your could build a solar carport for you new hybrid card. You know your property better than anybody else, just be creative.

Of course, home improvements are not all about dollars, your might have been dreaming about that perfect kitchen with a bay window, you might be into gardening and your backyard needs some upgrades before you can grow your plant and vegetables. The same way, solar power is not only about the return of your investment. A number of people that I have work with will tell you about the intrinsic benefits of having solar panel on your roof.