With house prices rising, and the ability to gain a mortgage getting more and more difficult for a lot of householders, many people are looking to stay put and improve their homes. Part of this process could be to upgrade your house with insulated glazing, also known as double glazing.

When one has classic single-glazed windows, noise and heat can be easily transferred, whereas with double glazing things are completely different. Here are the main reasons to consider when making a decision about your windows.

Noise Reduction

One of the main advantages that comes with installing these type of windows to your home is that you will typically benefit from a quieter living environment. Noise coming from outside the house can be really distracting and you may not be able to truly enjoy the comfort of your house. Double glazing can actually cut external noise such as barking dogs, noisy neighbours, and traffic noise, making the home more enjoyable and peaceful.

Reduced Energy Costs

Another great benefit of going from single to double glazed windows is that the latter should really help you save more money on energy bills. It was already mentioned above that heat is lost faster through single-glazed windows, whereas when choosing double glazing, your home stays warm during winter and cool during summer. This way your energy costs are reduced all year long.

Condensation is reduced

It is commonly known that the main cause of condensation is due to cold surfaces meeting moist air.

You will surely have seen how your bathroom mirror fogs up the moment you takes a shower? This is obviously perfectly normal. But, seeing your doors and windows condensate during a cold spell is normally a worrying sign, which you should not ignore.

Condensation on windows can lead to various problems and one of the most common ones is related to damaging your window frames, especially if the frame is of a wooden construction.

High levels of moisture and humidity inside the house can lead to mold. Mold is a problem. A fungicide which spreads if not treated professionally and immediately. If you want to alleviate mold, it is likely that by installing double glazed windows the chances of reappearance are massively reduced.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Just like any major improvement you bring to your house, installing double glazed windows can significantly enhance property values. In the event that you want to sell your house at some point in the future, you may be able to get more money on it due to the improvements you have made.

Keep in mind that potential buyers may ask you some information about the company you have hired to install these windows, in order to determine whether or not they are of top quality. If you have used a reputable company you will have paperwork to cover the work carried out, which you can share with your potential buyer.

Home security level is increased

Last but not least, another great advantage that these type of windows brings is that they make your home more secure. There are many examples of homes being broken into by burglars and in most cases the windows of those houses were furnished with standard, single-glazed types. Modern double glazed windows make it more difficult for would-be burglars to break into the house. Normally they are protected with security deadlocks and it is not as easy to remove the frame – if indeed the perpetrator is that hell bent on getting into your property of course!

So, there are the arguments. I am sure you may find many more. These, in my experience in the industry, are the most common, and are areas we are asked mostly about by potential customers.