Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Housing

In buying a home, which one do you think is better? A house, a condominium unit or a townhouse? Here are brief descriptions, pros and cons of each to help you decide on the best investment for you and your family.

Detached Homes

A house is a detached structure and has all the rooms in a home where a family or a homeowner may live and thrive. There are living areas, dining, food preparation areas, bathing, sleeping and social areas. A house may either be big or small and a single roof covers the entire structure. Although owning a home is very expensive along with maintenance costs and repair costs, it is one of the most rewarding. You can rent or sell it for a higher value, you can do whatever you want to your property and it is a sound investment in the future for anyone who would like to raise a family. The huge space inside and outside a house allows the owner to improve or to decorate his property as he wishes.


A condo unit is a small dwelling located in a floor of a large residential building. Although there is limited space compared to a home, there are building facilities to make up for space. There may just be enough space for a small living room, dining room and kitchen with the sleeping area found at the end of the space. Bathrooms are small and there are no private outdoor spaces to enjoy unless you have a balcony. A condo building usually has amenities like a pool, jogging paths, spas, laundry services and so many more however there are building rules to be followed like rules against pets, against the use of a gas stove, rules against parties, rules against noise and so much more. Technically, condos are for single people or for partners or newly-weds. It may not be a great place to live for a family or an active family with pets due to a very limited space. Although a condo unit is very valuable in the market these days, many homeowners still prefer to live in single detached homes due to the limited space and a lot of building rules.

Town Homes

Townhouses are rows of houses located in a residential community or location. The area is usually fenced and equipped with amenities exclusive to tenants. Homes look like houses but are usually built in rows to take advantage of the very limited space. A single home usually has a driveway and a back area provided. A townhouse is technically larger than a condo unit and has all the usual rooms that a house has, although much smaller. This type of property may be less expensive than a house since there is limited space, but offer better living conditions and more privacy compared to living in a condominium unit. A townhouse owner may also rent or sell his unit if he wishes to.