Painting is a form of art that applies color, pigment and paint to a surface wall or canvas to express an emotion or idea visually. Painting could be an art form or could be a component in carpentry. Painting may deal with historical or religious matter or it may concern about abstract figures or designs. The history of painting is so broad that it needs thorough information so that it may be fully grasped by an ordinary person. The technique of painting consists of the evolution of a masterpiece or work of art from the artist’s perspective or point of view. The technique would govern the style and manner in which the artist depicts or relates a story, event or thoughts. Thus, a painting on the wall or mural has a different expression compared to the painting on canvas. Usually, the artist executes his painting in the fresco technique fully different from the painting on wall decoration.

Fresco painting is the oldest form of expression. This was known during prehistoric time where the paintings were seen inside the caves in France and Spain. As said earlier, painting is used as component in construction that is a common trade among builders or craftsmen. Painting is the last finishing touch in a building, house or public works. In artistic form, it could be found on the surfaces of walls, wood, mugs, glass, shirts, clay, leaf, copper, canvas, paper or any solid object that would incorporate with other materials like pebbles, sand or cement.

Painting is one way of expressing the creative side of the artist or his concept of politics, religion or any subject that he cannot express through words. Painting is an extension of an artist’s thought and feelings that is why painting information is important. Do you know that part of history of painting in Eastern and Western portion of the world is predominantly spiritual? This is evident in the mythological figures found on jars or pottery in biblical times. Michelangelo painted the interior walls and ceiling of The Sistine Chapel with scenes from the bible.

Painting on paper was already popular during the 18th century. Water color painting is divided into two types namely: polychromatic painting with transparent or semi-transparent color and polychromatic with opaque colors. Pastel painting, on the other hand has been practiced from the 18th century. This is the best technique because it does not need binders of oil, varnish or other media. Pastels could be soft, medium or hard. Whatever the kind of paint, the machine can never take the place of an artist’s hands. The painting is the result of the fertile imagination of the artist, his mood and his thoughts.