Mission Architectural Style for Southwestern Flavor

Different locations in the country tend to feature different types of architectural styles. In New England, you will find many colonial designs that have survived into the present (some are even the same homes that were built then!). In the southern states, you will discover vast plantation designs. And when you are traveling out to locations, such as California and some of the southwestern states, you will quickly discover many homes featuring the mission architectural style.

Sometimes these homes are also called Southwestern, Mission Revival, or Adobe homes. But no matter what name they go by, they all contain the same features and architectural elements that still make them popular choices today. People still enjoy the style and it tends to blend well with the surrounding environment of those locations. These homes are quite easy to identify because they echo architecture used by early Hispanic settlers many decades ago. In fact, some homes still do resemble early mission churches and can even include bell towers – complete with bells!

Typical elements of mission architectural style homes include tile roofs with clay tiles or tiles that appear to be clay, smooth stucco siding, arched dormers, roof parapets, and large square pillars. Windows and doors within these homes can be arched as well and occasionally done in elaborate style. They are built with southwestern heat in mind, which is why inside you will find open rooms, light colors, and materials that don’t seal in too much heat.

Purchasing a mission style home is relatively easy in certain locations of the United States, but it can be more difficult in others, primarily because they aren’t often built in other locations. If you wish to change your home into a mission style house, there are a great many things you can do before it starts to take shape. While you may not be able to add in things like square pillars, you can add in smaller pieces such as doors, moulding, and changing up the interior design.

Take some time to examine the elements that make up a mission style home and decide what will work best in your own home before making any final changes. You can also speak with manufacturers to get a clearer idea on what you wish to achieve and they can let you know how they can help. By providing you with the right supplies and products, they can make your transition much easier and even more effective by knowing all about mission architectural style from the very beginning.