Minimalist Crystal Chandeliers For The Simple Home

Crystal chandeliers have been glittering emblems of wealth and status, as they always have for centuries. They have been associated with the elegance, and excesses of royalty and the wealthy. The dazzling glow that they give a room is unequaled by other lighting fixtures, and they help add luster to any type of room. There are a lot of chandelier designs available today, and they range from the ornate, baroque styles of the middle ages, to the modern, 21st-Century minimalist types.

Chandeliers Have Embraced Modern Design Features

In the 1960s, the world of interior design and home decor took a turn toward less formal, more subtle yet elegant types of illumination. Recessed lights, track lighting and other minimalist lighting innovations became the norm and accepted standard.

Crystal chandeliers were often seen as applicable for historic houses, grand mansions or in the lobby of the an elegant hotel, however they were seen as too impractical, grandiose and quite fussy for modern homes. These elegant and stately fixtures have been making a comeback of late; they are still fabulous, however more unique than ever.

According to interior design experts, chandeliers, or they prefer to call them lighting fixtures, are definitely back in vogue, and being combined with track and recessed lighting. According to home-lighting professionals, they’re back and in vogue, but they’re cleaner and more architectural. Home décor experts attribute the new-found interest to the appeal of a central lighting fixture that pulls a room together, the way people use a fireplace to group things and make a focal point.

Simple, Minimalist Chandeliers Are Much Easier To Clean

A crystal lighting fixture can be a room’s brightest holiday ornament, but only if its prisms, pendants and beads are sparkling clean. Filled with grease or dulled by dirt, all elegance is diminished. Fortunately, cleaning a chandelier can be a do-it-yourself job. However, much bigger crystals will inevitably get grimy and greasy. To restore the shine, home décor experts recommend gently wiping them down with Windex or an ammonia solution, and do such tasks in a careful manner.

As a chandelier is delicate, particularly the ones with beading,owners should dust it lightly and vacuum carefully. Most lighting experts urge chandelier owners to call in the lighting professionals whenever a fixture is too high or too elaborate, and any lighting store has someone who is bonded, will get up on the ladder and clean it for you.

Somewhat surprisingly to those who surmise that “minimalist” means low maintenance, modern chandeliers can be more complicated and expensive to service than more traditional designs. Sleek “boxes,” or surrounds, of crystals must be completely taken apart before you can reach and clean the actual frame. And if a chandelier has been neglected, the chances are grease and grime will have hardened, making cleaning more difficult.

Repair Options For Minimalist Chandeliers

A chandelier’s broken or cracked crystals can be repaired or replaced if needed. Chandelier pinnings, which are the tiny wire coils from which prisms dangle, can be replaced or realigned.

Lighting fixture owners are also advised to avoid cleaners marketed as “chandelier spray.” These products work only on vertical surfaces, and a runny mix of cleaner and grime will pool in any angles, cups and ornamentation on the frame, eventually leaving grayish streaks from the metal pinnings on the glass crystals. In addition, never spin a chandelier while cleaning; it weakens the connection. Take the time to move the ladder around the fixture instead. A fiberglass ladder is best, to avoid shocks, although if you’re getting a shock from the chandelier, you should call in an electrician quickly.

Lastly, do not forget to put padding on the table and drop cloths under the area you’re working in to protect furniture and floor finishes