LG and one of the four major television manufactures are making 3D Ready TVs at the moment. In the following review, we will take a look at the LG 42LX6500 model. This LG 42LX6500 is a 42″ LED 3D Ready TV with a number of interesting technology advancements on display.

This LG 42LX6500 LED telly will right away seize ones attention through bringing your content alive using 3D Active technology. On this LG TV you will find a huge 42 inch display for ones viewing pleasure in the comfort of you own house.

In combination with LED Plus technology and 1080p Full HD resolution – the LG 42LX6500 LED TV boasts TruMotion 200Hz to allow you to keep up with the fastest moving scenes without having to worry about a slow and blurry image appearing on the screen at any time. The compelling contrast ratio reaches a high of 8,000,000:1 and also the 2.2 milliseconds reaction period picks out even tiny points of detail and depth on the screen.

This LG television is operated through an Xd Engine processor chip, so the LG 42LX6500 takes your viewing encounter to a level you are unlikely to have witnessed in a standard LED TV. This is also to due with the fact that the 42LX6500 also comes with 24p Real Cinema and the AV Mode which help to give it that superior picture quality you expect from a high-end 3D Ready television. The Picture Wizard technological innovation makes configuring peripherals straightforward and fast for users with even a basic understanding of technology.

A DLNA link within the LG 42LX6500 offers you instantaneous access to multimedia content stored on compatible products. These may include you music players, PC, Blu-Ray players and such like. Just so you know, many of the new Blu-Rays which are in 3D require a 3D Blu-Ray player, so that is something you also should consider.

Both USB ports make it possible to listen to Mp3 format music, view JPEG photographs as well as watch DivX HD video clips on this LG. At the same time, this 42LX6500’s 4 HDMI sockets, Ci slot, integrated Ethernet network interface and also NetCast Entertainment Access (Wireless prepared) gives the user lots of options and possibilities.

You should be aware that to watch content in 3D, you will need an infrared emitter and also 3D spectacles and you need to see if these are included with whatever dealer you wind up going with.