Internet Marketing and Advertising Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

As commercial real estate agents today we have lots of tools and resources at our disposal. Traditional property marketing still exists, but we now have the added value that the internet gives us to reach out to our target market of buyers and tenants.

Every property marketing campaign can and should involve a component of online marketing. Now we know that most agents do that, but there are degrees to how you approach it and the results that you can get.

Here are some ideas to help you take your quality listings and comprehensively promote them online:

  1. As one of the most important parts of the marketing process, do some research to identify just what keywords are being used online to search for properties in your area. Do a Google search to access the ‘Keyword search tool’ that they have freely available. Note that if you have a Gmail email account, your use of the Keyword tool is more comprehensive and you will get more results. So before you start to use the tool, get a Gmail email account. When you have access to the Keyword tool enter your location and property type; you will quickly get a long list of keywords that are being used in your country for properties of that type and you will also get a list of words that are being used globally in the same way. Save the results in a spread sheet (this is easy to do), and use it as a reference when you draft advertising content.
  2. Every listing that you take to the internet should feature professionally taken photographs. I know that this is an expense, but the results are remarkable. A top website looks great and keeps the attention of the visitor. Great photographs will do that. Get the property owner to pay for professional photographs as a priority in the marketing campaign.
  3. Your website is just as important as the industry portal. Make sure that you can track the hits and results from every listing that you load to the internet. Some properties will get more enquiry, so look for the reasons for that. Review the ‘bounce rate’ from your website so you can see just what visitor retention you have overall, and property specific.
  4. The best advertising layout is based on a great headline above a quality property photograph. Below that you should have 4 or 5 dot points on property features relevant to the target audience, then have a short sentence or two devoted to simple property detail. Most readers are attracted by the image and the dot points. Put your contact detail prominently at the base of the advert to encourage callers to contact you for more detail.

As a final note, the wordage of a property advertisement can be boosted by a selection of ‘words that sell’. Without misrepresenting a property there are some words that are more attractive and relevant to advertising. Purchase a simple book on ‘words that sell’ so you can improve the reader conversions from your online and offline marketing material.