Discover the 5 Most Popular Shed Designs to Build During Summer

No doubt if you have decided that you want to build a shed then you are a little taken back at the numerous shed designs that are available to you. You may have seen a few you like but remember its advisable to obtain a shed plan no matter which style you prefer.

You may not be able to find plans to fit the exact type you saw, but no doubt you will find some very close to it. Also most often you can do some modifications. Although there are so many different styles they all have basic similarities.

The very first thing you must determine before you even think about purchasing a pattern is what is it going to be used for. Here are 5 popular shed designs that you may want to look into depending on the purpose.

1. Garden Sheds

Probably the most popular because it is something almost every home owner has a need of. Often garden tools and equipment are stored in the garage. This is OK as a temporary fix, but after awhile it can create clutter. Not only that moving the equipment in and out could damage your vehicle. A good style for a garden shed is one with a gable roof. This gives you a little bit of extra storage space up to. You can customize it by choosing the doors and window you would like to have, as well as the overall size.

2. Storage Sheds

Very similar to a garden shed but a little better insulated. Most likely you will be storing items here that you really want to protect from the elements. Perhaps you will have items that contain liquid that you do not want to free. Also for items such as clothing and books and those types of things you do not want to run the risk mildew. Storage sheds are often built with a salt box style roof. The design allows more exposure to the sun.

3. Pool Sheds

Now we’re talking about getting a little fancy. With the proper plans even a novice can build one of these. There is more glass involved here in some of them. It may take a little more thought and caution when building these particular sheds. They can range from being very simple to be used just as a change room along side the pool. There there’s other styles that can be quite elaborate, almost a small entertainment dwelling. Some even have little kitchenettes in them. Again the choice will be yours as to how elaborate you want to be, along with what the budget will take and how much space you have available

4. Barn Sheds

These are a really unique design and fairly common. Your choice of this one will depend a lot of the outer d├ęcor of your home. Some people feel this shed style does not blend in well with ultra modern homes. On the hand they are perfect for the country or antique style house. There are a little bit harder to build, but not out of the expertise of the novice.

5. Combination Shed

One of the new types beginning to come out on the market and it’s a great concept. Its especially useful if you need to store firewood. Basically it’s a regular garden shed, with a open style leanto attached to it. The materials all match and one section blends in perfectly with the other.

No matter what your needs are or which style you have decided on, be sure to get a good easy to read and follow, set of plans.