Chicken Coop Kits – A Fast and Simple Solution to Housing Your Chickens

If you are looking to construct a chicken coop for your farm or backyard, you may want to consider purchasing one of the many available chicken coop kits. These kits are boxed ready to open and simply screw together. There are no complicated blue prints and no major construction required. It is fast and easy!

The first step in choosing you chicken coop kit is deciding which size you need. Kits come in a standard size of 4 x 6, which houses 12 to 15 birds. However, if you are only looking for a smaller coop to house 6 or 8 birds, you can find companies who will supply a smaller size.

After you have selected one of the available chicken house kits, you will need to grab a screw driver and a tape measure. These should be the only tools required to assemble your coop kit. The kit will come with pre-assembled panels that you will simply measure and screw together. There is no sawing or drilling required, only assembly.

You will only need to know how to read directions, have a little bit of common do-it-yourself knowledge and a friend to assist and you will be well on your way to finishing your very own coop. This is definitely the fastest and most convenient way to construct a poultry coop. However, chicken coop kits cost more money than building your own. So, as long as spending an extra buck is not an issue, than a coop kit is the way to go!