Benefits of a Fancy Bird House Instead of a Traditional One

When people hear the term nautical bird house, they think that it is something that is intended to accommodate sea gulls, pelicans, and other sea birds. This is completely untrue because those sea birds will not be fit inside. This type is only intended to accommodate common song birds. It got its name because it is built to resemble a nautical structure. Light house design is the most popular one.

A nautical bird house is one example of fancy bird houses. Many people think that it is only a kind of box structure with four walls, a floor, and a small roof. However, the design has become advance recently and the finished product can resemble various objects, such as Victorian mansions, fire stations, barns, and old stores. Most of these designs are multileveled or have more than one chamber with separate entrance hole. Therefore, more than one family of birds can nest in without causing any territorial fight.

Traditional bird houses are relatively easy to make. However, when it comes to nautical and other fancy ones, general bird watchers will not be able to make one. The design is usually complicated and it will be hard for anyone besides professional carpenters to make it. You should be able to get one from craft stores, feed stores, and pet stores.

Why fancy bird house?

Perhaps you are wondering why people want to buy a such a house. It is only used by birds and obviously they cannot differentiate whether the design is beautiful or not. Furthermore, it costs much more than the traditional bird house. The reason is because those people intend to use the intricate appearance of this house to decorate their garden. Some of them even use the house only for decorative purpose and thus they close the entrance hole and do not allow birds to use it. They put this house in a prominent place so their guests can comment on its beauty.

However, if you also want it to function fully, then you should find a strategic spot to mount it. You should make sure that predators like cats and raccoons cannot access if. Furthermore, you should clean it regularly after birds have moved out.

A fancy bird house may attract the same types of bird as the traditional one. However, for some people, attracting birds are not the only goal. They also want to beautify their garden.