Backyard Deck Kits – Construction in 4 Easy Steps

Backyard deck kits are ideal for people who love Do-It-Yourself projects. And like most DIY projects, you don’t need to be a professional Deck builder to work on this project because the kit itself will guide you in the easiest possible way to construct your deck.

Backyard deck kits are easy tusk much easier than you can imagine. Before you start check with your local building officials to confirm the requirements in your area. Here are few steps to follow to build your own backyard deck:

Survey the Place

After you have decided where to locate your deck then positioning should start. Measure and mark the area using stakes and strings, make sure the corners should be square. Tip: Run the line parallel to the house wall. In this first stage accuracy is the basis for the entire process.

Backyard deck – Posts setting

Looking at the plan lying in front of you mark locations for posts using stakes as well. Dig holes for your footing posts, each one should be 12″ wide and 3″ dip. Fill the holes with a gravel mix with concrete, and sink in the center a 4×4 metal as the basis for the wooden post. Make sure that the saddles are leveled to the house and let it dry for one day.

Attach Beams and Joists Attach beams to posts using 3″ galvanized nails and special hardware for connecting. Cut joists to the right length and attach each of them to the beams by nails.

Backyard deck installation

Now you are ready to start. Decking is the part you are waiting for and that should get most attention. When you start decking work it is advisable to:

1. Take extra care and measure every few boards.

2. Inspect carefully each board to determine it the best faces.

3. Use deck screws to give your deck a professional look.

4. Minimize pre-drill nail holes.

Backyard deck Railing

One of the most important parts in deck construction is railing. Not all decks will need the railing. However, if you do need them, they are going to add value to the look of the entire deck area.

You can create your railing from a variety of materials shaped in different styles. They are easy to install, and you can get them every ware. The maximum spacing between balusters as well as the height of guard rails is set by building codes that can be found in your local building officials.

People who have finished backyard deck kits projects are often surprised how professional they look and how much money they were saving in making their own deck.