What Is Meant By Tab And Slot Construction For Doll Houses?

When reading a description of a dollhouse kit you will often find a list of dimensions, materials, construction type, features of the dollhouse and any furnishings that come with the kit. A common type of construction is known as tab and slot. This construction method of assembly uses panels with tabs that are fitted into adjacent panels with slots. Then the pieces are glued together instead of using nails or screws.

The tab and slot method is often used for ease of assembly. But, be aware that dollhouse kits which are made of thin plywood may use this construction method as the wood is not thick enough to support nails or screws. Many well-made dollhouses use this type of construction. But, be sure to do your research well when choosing a dollhouse to make sure that the tab and slot method is for ease and not because the wood is thin. It is always best to choose a reputable brand of dollhouse (example: Greenleaf) to ensure a certain level of quality.

Tab and slot construction can be very easy to assemble. And, once again, if you choose a reputable dollhouse manufacturer, you can be assured that the instructions will be easy to follow. When assembling a tab and slot construction dollhouse, be sure to use quality glue as well. You will want to ask at your hardware store for wood glue that will spread evenly and not dry in clumps.

Constructing your dollhouse should be fun, easy and provide you with a durable finished product. If you keep this in mind when choosing your dollhouse, you will make the right choice.