Understanding Architects Role In Designing House Plans

It’s the role of an architect to design house plans that will help you in constructing the house of your dreams. Here the architect sits down with you and understands your needs. For example, he understands the type of house you are interested in constructing and the features that you are interested in. If you are unsure of the best design to go with, the architect will guide you in choosing the most current and economical design.

After drafting the plan for you the architect will also help you in taking the plan to the relevant authorities for approval. For example, the professional will take the design to the local government architects to be approved.

Other Roles of An Architect

In addition to the above roles a professional architect has other roles which include:

Administering a building contract: a building contract is a vital document that is legally-binding between you and builder. The architect will ensure that the document has all the right information that will protect you and the contractor. It’s required by the law that he should be impartial when presenting the contract.

Monitoring the construction: it’s good to note that the day-to-day supervision of the building is done by the contractor. To ensure that the construction is constructed using the building regulations the architect monitors how the construction is going on. The architect will monitor the building visually without checking the house dimensions or testing the construction materials. While most professionals monitor the construction visually, they can do thorough inspection if you pay them an additional fee.

Issuance of certificates: as the professional monitors the construction, he is supposed to issue certificates that show that he/she is satisfied with the various stages of construction. When you receive the certificates you should make payments to the contractor. Some of the certificates issued by the architect include:

Interim certificate: this one confirms that the construction has been done well and the professional is satisfied with the way that the work is progressing.

Practical completion certificate: this is given when the entire construction is complete and it’s given to show that the contractor is transferring the building to you.


This is what you need to know about the role of an architect in designing house plans. As you have seen, the professional isn’t limited only in designing the plans. To ensure that the construction progresses without any hiccups you should ensure that you hire a knowledgeable professional.