The Eco Home of the Future – Benefits of a Home Starter Kit

For decades now, eco friendly property developers have been trying to build eco villages where every home is efficient, non-polluting and built from sustainable sources. To date there has been limited success, and part of the reason for this is that building homes from scratch, using only environmentally friendly principles is expensive. And the question could be asked is is eco friendly as well?

Surely, so many homes in Britain having been built fifty, seventy or even a hundred years ago, it would be far better to convert these inefficient houses into more environmentally friendly homes and far cheaper too. It would benefit the environment far more if more existing houses were made to be more environmentally friendly, than building new ones in the first place.

Nearly every home has the potential to, not only become more eco friendly, but become cheaper to run too. Once the basics like insulation and boiler efficiency have been looked at the rest can be achieved quite simply.

Draughts, once eliminated, can drastically reduce bills, so draft excluding devices such as letter box draft excluders can make a real difference.

It can often be daunting with so many areas of the house that can be improved to be more environmentally friendly that an easy way to start is to buy an eco friendly home starter kit. These are available for almost any type of home from the apartment or small flat to large houses and homes.

They contain lost of energy saving ideas and eco-friendly products and they can save even pay for themselves after the savings in the bills are added up. A good eco starter kit will often have: energy monitors that help you keep an eye on the power you are using and are a great way of reducing wastage. Radiator panels are often included to, they reflect lost heat from the radiators to increase the efficiency of your heating. Other eco friendly products such as eco-balls, energy saving light bulbs and eco friendly books are also included in these eco friendly goody-bags.

Eco home starter kits make a great gift too and are an ideal leaving present to that son or daughter moving out for the first time.