The wool rugs are one of the best rugs available. They are definitely worth the price and they vary in design, in fabric as well in price. They are preferred in most homes due to their longevity in nature, artistic finishing and beautiful blend with the aesthetics of the room. The wool rugs have been home makers from ancient times being one of the most long-lasting materials used in making the carpets, mats and rugs as well.

The wools differ in quality with its variety as they are collect and gathered for processing from the different types of sheep. The variety and uniqueness depends on factors like the age of the sheep, the gender, category and its health as well as the way the wool has been extracted and processed.

There is a wide range of wool rugs available to choose from. You can either pick up the machine manufactured types or else the hand crafted wool rugs, both are equally popular. In case you are looking for cheaper rugs, artificial blends and synthetic materials are available at a low price and are easier to clean even but if you are looking for the contemporary rugs made of high concentration of wool, they are expensive in comparison to the artificial rugs although they symbolizes more luxury and class.

Apart from the quality and type of the wool rugs, they are also available in a wide range of style, which is usually imported from all parts of the globe. Popular places for the manufacture of these rugs are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and other places as well.

Variety of wool rugs

The wool rugs being of different types and versatility, you do not have to live with the same floor covering for several years as it can be changed or removed without much difficulty.

The most common type of rugs used in the houses is the contemporary rugs that are most distinctive among the choices. These rugs are widely popular due to its flexible attributes and diverse nature.

The braided rugs are another important variety. These wool rugs are beautifully hand crafted by specialized braiders and are well known for the skilled art that is inculcated into the rugs while they are manufactured. The work is an individual manifestation of skill and artistic excellence, which comes out as a final product after a lot of hard work and effort is put into it.

The hand tufted wool rugs are less expensive to buy in comparison to the braided rugs as they do not involve the skilled works of the craftsmen. These rugs are usually manufactured using machines but still it includes fine thread works, complex designs and is comparatively thicker.

The most arduous made rugs in the world are the hooking wool rugs that have been created for the first time, centuries ago. The prime aspect of this type of rug is that it contains personal extraction of creativity of the craftsmen inculcated into the rug and is processed very keenly to serve the homeowners with sheer delight and gives an air of class and beauty to the homes.