The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Specialists And In-House Cleaners

It is important to keep your workplace clean, whether you run an office, a factory or a school. Cleanliness and good hygiene can help to improve the workplace for visitors and employees, and certain standards of cleanliness are actually a legal requirement in many commercial spaces. However, different types of cleaners are available for commercial cleaning, namely in-house cleaners or external contracted cleaners. Here is some additional information about the pros and cons of each type of cleaning staff:

In-house cleaners
If you have in-house cleaners, you will have the maximum amount of flexibility over when these people do their work shifts. Whilst external contractors will try to accommodate your needs whenever possible, they may also have additional commitments with other companies which they need to work around. One of the major issues is that in-house cleaning jobs often have a high turnover rate, as people use these roles as stop gap jobs. This can mean that you have to train and re-train staff regularly, to ensure that they meet the standards which you require for your workplace. If you hire cleaners directly, you will also have to take care of all of the important workplace legislation which surrounds the employment of personnel. Dealing with this type of legislation can cost much-needed money and man hours.

External Contractors
Externally contracted commercial cleaners are very heavily invested in the standards of commercial cleaning that they provide. If they do not provide a high enough standard of service, the company can terminate the service contract and the reputation of the external contractor will suffer. An external commercial cleaning company will also shoulder the costs of any expensive cleaning equipment which is required. Because they will use this cleaning equipment in other places in addition to your company, the costs will be spread out more. External commercial cleaning companies have the knowledge and expertise which is required to ensure that everything is cleaned properly, to the standards which are required by law. Having had the opportunity to build up this knowledge, commercial cleaning specialists are able to offer superior levels of service.

On some occasions, external commercial cleaning companies can be used in conjunction with in-house cleaners. Whilst the in-house staff are able to take care of day-to-day cleaning, such as cleaning up general waste, external commercial cleaners may be called upon every few months to do a more through deep clean of the location.