When the armory first came up, it was a searchable database of information for World of Warcraft. Since the armory WoW pulled its data from actual game servers, showing the last save information from characters logout, many players were concerned about their items and stats being viewable for all to see.

Fortunately this initial interpretation has changed drastically and due its constant updates and implements, players now can view all the mounts and companions pets they collect so far, also a you´ll be able to know where each pet or mount comes from or who drops them, a picture of each one and for those willing to become an achievement hunter or collector, the armory WoW became an important tool.

As the number of players rises, the armory importance and utility also rises. Because of this, Blizzard expanded the borders of this tool, creating applications for Facebook and mobile. Within this application people can check some more useful features:

· Check the latest Blizzard News;
· Displays a character´s in-game 3D model, with animations and backgrounds;
· View your Guild Stats;
· View your Guild Calendar;
· View you Guild Ranking based o achievements;
· You can use a talent calculator to decide the best spec for your character;
· Search recommended upgrades;
· Check the status of the current bids and auctions in the action houses.

As you can see the armory WoW has become a powerful tool to be used off-line to gather information and make strats for your online gaming, also it can be used as a social tool, helping the players to share with their friends every achievement reached, every boss killed, every epic gear gotten or even say hi.

To enchant even more the armory, Blizzard launched the remote service that allows the player not only check the information, but now the players can:

· Post items up for sale from a character´s bag, bank or mailbox;
· Place bids;
· Make buyout purchases;
· Collect earned gold from a successful auction;
· Reclaim the gold from an unsuccessful bid;
· Participate in guild chat;
· Participate in officer chat;
· Initiate one-on-one conversations with fellow guild members.

Just like never before you can stay connected with the virtual world whenever you want to everywhere you need to go.

Like some MMORPG, World of warcraft demands time, but we all know that WoW is special and full of options and alternatives and to reach the top, know every aspect and secret of this game and become a legend is a true challenge and requires total dedication and huge amounts of time, especially if you don´t know exactly what to do, where to go or with who need to talk.