Structural CAD Services and Architectural CAD Services – The Backbone of Real Estate

Structural and architectural engineering has developed and make computer aided designs way easy. In the current time CAD has gained much and it is widely used by all engineers who are highly qualified. Different kinds of fields are using software to develop designs. Engineers are using computer aided designs widely because it provides accurate results. The great business named real estate is depended on CAD services as it provides 2D and 3D designs of all structure.

This software produces conceptual design and analysis of for any kind of structure. Real estate world is making virtual world using services. CAD services are mainly described in two forms as below:

o Structural
o Architectural

Structural CAD services are being used to generate accurate 2D drafting representation and steel detailing plays important role in structure stability. it includes following:

o Structural Design Drafting
o Structural Steel Detailing
o Structural Analysis
o Construction Document
o Steel Fabrication Drawings
o Rebar Detailing

Architectural CAD is also playing important role in real estate. Various firms are using it to produce designs and drawings. Professional architectures are using it to make the 3D view of building. From 3D view whole the building can be viewed by 360 degree. So due to these kinds of factor CAD has become backbone of Civil Engineering. Architectural Drawing is also great invention and being used by qualified architects. It can be described in following steps:

o 2D Drafting Architecture
o 3D Architectural Modeling Services
o 3D Architectural Rendering
o 3D Animation and Walkthrough

So Structural and Architectural Engineering are most advantageous invention for real estate.