When you have a limited amount of space, you might not know exactly what to do in order to make things look appealing. Interior design can be a complicated thing when you don’t feel that you have ample room to create a living space. Even though it can seem like a daunting task, you can in fact do a variety of things that will help you move forward with designing a small area. The following are some simple ideas that you can implement right now to establish a warm, cozy feeling in a short surface area.

Corner Design –When you have a small home and you’re not sure how you can fit in a lot of ideas, you’ll need to use the corners more than other areas. You have to look for nooks where you can and make sure that you can create living areas where they would normally be neglected. By maximizing corner areas you can find a visual aesthetic that is both modern, and functional.

Loft Areas –If you’re savvy you can create spaces that are above the ground and can offer more room for what you need. For instance, if you have a small home and the bedrooms are not exactly very large, you can create a loft space where the bed is raised above the ground and the ground level is used for living, reading, and lounging. This type of idea can easily be implemented in a small space and maximize all the areas with relative ease.

Furniture –When it comes to furnishings go with more square design than round. This modern Mondrian type of idea will help you create a lasting appeal in regards to interior design for small spaces. Because squares, rectangles, and similar shapes can be stacked, and combined you can maximize just about any of the areas that you have in your home and tie it all together for a modern look and feel that will off set the limitations of your home’s square footage.

When you’re dealing with design elements, always think about maximizing the area that you have with peripherals, furniture, paint, and more. Function needs to be on the forefront of your mind when trying to create a lasting impression in terms of d├ęcor. Visual aesthetics can be hard to implement if you aren’t sure what to do, so make sure that you take the ideas above and try to see where they would fit for your limited space.