Room dividers are means to create more functional space within a big room. Interior designers or architects mainly use it to separate out space for discrete areas. The room can be divided or segregated by various ways. You can divide the rooms using formal divider partition or drape screens, plants, railings, pipes, and shelves. All this gives an extra style and chic to your house.

Modern room dividers screen are of different types. You can get theme in various shapes, sizes and in different materials. However, deciding the purpose of the divider will make it easier for you to buy the right one.

The purpose of the divider can be

  • For creating a secluded reading space
  • A cozy in-house bar or chill out zone
  • A dressing room
  • A storage space
  • Or simply to create a particular look and so on.

room dividers screens come in various shapes and sizes. You can also find them in comprehensive materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather and many more. Modern room dividers are also available in folded or in single panel.


Depending upon the purpose, the room dividers can be of many types. The most common types are

  • Permanent dividers.
  • Portable dividers.
  • Sliding dividers.

Floor-to-ceiling or permanent room divider screens are mostly common in offices or in restaurants. It divides large rooms into comparatively smaller space.

Portable and sliding dividers are common in both home set up and in offices and restaurants. These are not permanent fixtures and thus can be altered whenever needed.

Variety and Categories

Modern room or office dividers are available in different ranges and categories. You can have them in glass, fabric, metal, mirror panels etc.

The glass and the metal room or office dividers are very functional and good-looking. The glass or the metal enhances the interior of you entire home or apartment. Mirrored dividers make the room look big.

If you want your room divider to be light yet attractive then opt for fabric room divider. The fabric room dividers are available in different colors, patteners, and textures. You will be able to relocate this type of dividers yourself, wherever you feel like, due to its lightweight. It is easy to handle. You can change the look frequently by changing the fabric.

For partitioning a large room, sliding dividers are very effective. It works as money saver, as you do not need a specialized person for installing them. It is ideal in case you have a large hall in your home. It is also very common in schools and offices with a large space. This type of dividers provides well needed privacy and some degree of sound proofing for the rooms.