New Moon Feng Shui Rituals for Attracting Wealth, Happiness and Health

The New Moon in any given month is when the moon’s energy becomes especially ying and it’s the perfect time for many who follow Feng Shui when they know it’s time to renew the Qi within themselves and within their homes.

The new moon is waxing into the full moon and therefore it is strengthening with each every passing day until the full moon arrives when the moon and its ying energy is at its strongest. There are other rituals to do on the full moon, but I will share those with you in another article.

With the start of the new moon, it is the perfect time to ensure you start any wealth building feng shui tricks you may already know, though I will list some of them here for your convenience. These are said to really help attract wealth luck and career luck, if done faithfully, and with the right intentions.

With a simple internet search, you can easily find when the next new moon will be. But for the next few months the dates are as follows: May 5th, June 3rd, and July 3rd for 2008. It is on these dates, when the new moon begins that you should do any and all of the following Feng Shui tasks.

  • renew fresh sea salt in your ‘kitchen’ wealth bowl. (this can be a dark blue mug placed in a dry area of your kitchen counter)
  • refresh the sea salt in the little container or plastic wrapping in your wallet.
  • refresh sea salt that you may have place into the corners of your home.
  • give your plants (which signify wealth growth) a fresh misting of water, turn them around so their other sides can receive the wonderful sun and light. – This is also a good time to trim and remove any unhealthy leaves that may be on your plant.
  • write with a red pen, a dollar sign on your right palm – place this on your left palm, if you are a lefty. It is said you should do this every morning from the start of the new moon until the full moon. This will help attract money luck and increase wealth opportunities to come your way.
  • make sure you are not keeping your shoes lined up by your front door, as this is said to have your ‘money and opportunity luck’ symbolically walk out the door.
  • Light incense, open your windows, turn on the lights, and walk around each of your rooms blessing each room and all occupants of your home/office for health, happiness and wealth.
  • Do a quick decluttering of all your table tops, remove the piled junk mail, and remove any garbage from your home.
  • Wash your crystals with sea salted water to cleanse them of any dust, and to refresh their chi energy. Also great is to allow them to soak up the sun, during this new moon day to re-energize their strength.
  • Clean out any bad food from the fridge (bad stale food equals killing Qi), add fresh fruit to your dining room table bowl – which reflects and can also attract an increased bountiful family life.
  • Refreshen any ‘still water urns’ with fresh water that you may use to calm noisy neighboring walls or near your entrance door.

As with each passing day and night as the moon grows with its energy into the full moon, you can be assured the Qi in your home can also grow. There are so many wonderful tasks one can do to keep and ensure growth in your home and life by following the various Feng Shui techniques. And so many do not require much time or money. But do following these simple techniques you will find your own self being renewed with refreshed Qi (chi) as well as the energy on your home, so that the best can be brought into your home and into your life.

With following these new moon Feng Shui techniques you will find new opportunities coming your way quite easily to help attract for wealth into your life, an increased happiness within and not only will you feel ‘it’, you will see the difference in your attitude within yourself and those among your family members. In turn, this refreshed Qi during the new moon phase can be a big boost in attracting more wealth, happiness and greater health to you and in your home.