Modern Coffee Table – The Benefits of the Glass-Topped Design

Among the modern coffee tables types, the glass-topped design seems to be one of the most popular picks for homes, offices, and even commercial establishments like cafes and boutique shops. It isn’t any wonder why people are choosing this type of coffee table, because it does have its share of practical advantages. To give you an idea, here are some of the common benefits of having a glass-topped furniture.

This kind of furniture matches well with modern-day living, especially in places where space is an issue. Particularly in busy urban regions where more people live in small apartments than in stand-alone houses with generous lots. Since glass reflects light, it is a good space-saver for small living room areas. Traditional all-wood tables, even those having a minimalist style, still look heavier. For those who really love the elegant look of wood, you can make a compromise by having a minimalist wooden base and a glass top.

This type of modern coffee table is also among the easiest to clean. Even if you use it to serve drinks and snacks to your guests, cleaning up the mess isn’t much of a hassle. You only need a glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe it. All the fingerprints, crumbs, water spills, and others will be nonexistent in no time. It is definitely easier to maintain than the usual wooden table. Wood easily shows dust, crumbs and other particles. It also needs more than just a single cleaner for good maintenance. Aside from wiping off dirt, you need to use a wood furniture conditioner unless you want to really wear out the wood for a shabby chic finish.

Glass top on a coffee table is also very versatile. There’s a way for almost any design to be incorporated into the glass-topped style. While these tables are made for the ultra-modern look, it can take on different designs. If you want a super sleek and urban living area, you can have an irregularly shaped glass top supported by one big shiny metal leg or four small ones. On the other hand, you can still keep a cozy, rustic home by placing an oval glass top on a big chunk of wood.

Lastly, one advantage of this modern coffee table is that you can easily find it in furniture shops and even in online shopping sites. You just need to know the size and design you need and you’ll surely find what you want in no time.