Home Inspection Checklist – Caution Alert

Most of the home buyers while buying a home usually have cost as their number one factor and considering that they will usually give a thought to doing a home inspection themselves. For that the most obvious resources they turn to the Internet looking for checklist for doing home inspection or trying to find home inspection report software that will do the trick.

Buyers beware there is no shortcut to doing a proper home inspection. You can get a free checklist on-line, which will detail all the relevant things that need to be checked, is usually very comprehensive. But however comprehensive the checklist may be there is nothing which can beat an expert eye.

For example a checklist can say check the roofing and you as a untrained eye can look at the roof to say everything looks fine but a trained eye can look at the roof coating to say something was done recently to conceal a few defects. That is where the years of doing inspections and knowing the tricks of the trade comes in to play. As some home owners can employ a lot of these concealment efforts before selling the house,an expert home inspector can catch them very easily. A complete novice and amateur do it yourself home inspector can never know what he has missed out on. It can come to haunt you in terms of thousands of dollars of cost later or you may be even buying a structurally incorrect building for yourself.

Even if you buy home inspection software it may help you create a good report, but will never fill in for the expertise of a trained experienced home inspector. That software in all actuality can really be of immense help to a home inspector to put forward a detailed comprehensive report.

Make sure to spend a few hundred dollars now rather than paying thousands of dollars later for repairs and ruing your decision. It will definitely hit your budget now, but act now to save yourself from agony later.