Grab the Best Rental Property at Lutyens at Housetrue

Everyone wants to live in a place where there are peace and calmness. A person always desires to have a big house with lawns and all modern conveniences, best schools nearby and of course good markets at walking distance. Living in a dream home is a real pleasure.

Owning an accommodation is a big dream for many people, but it is not possible that all can afford it. Situations may be different for everyone. It depends on your age, how much you can invest, and where and why you want to live. Therefore, it is better to rent a home.

It’s easy and more comfortable with Whatever your requirement is, we are here to fulfill your needs related to property. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6+ bhk flats on rent in Lutyens New Delhi (South) are available at

Moreover, if you have a transferable job, then you might need to move from one city to another, and then it’s wise to hire a rented apartment. There are many reasons for renting accommodation. Some of these are as follows:-


If you have rented accommodation, there is no burden of property tax. Income tax is already a load, and after that, if you have to pay house tax, then what? So this is a plus point in the case of rented apartments.


You know about the pros and cons of living in a particular area, only after the experience. So in case you are not happy with the neighbors or other amenities, you can change your house very quickly. It means you are not bound to stay in one place only. You can relocate independent houses and apartments on rent, Lutyens’ at

The most significant opportunity that you get is freedom of movement.


When you own a house, you have to take care of all the maintenance work. But there is no such headache in the case of rental properties. Ownership is a long term investment. House is a place that needs a lot of care, and unforeseen expenditures can come at any time.

House rent allowance

Moreover, many government and private companies provide a facility for house rent allowance. This HRA is given if the employee is living in a rented house.

Now it’s easy to understand that hiring places on rent is better than owning them.

What could be better than renting a home in an exclusive location, like Lutyens?

Far away from the crowded parts of Delhi, Lutyens’ covers a vast area with Lodi gardens to the South, Nehru Park in the West. It is one of the most snobbish regions in Delhi. As you spend time in the city, you will find that Lutyens is a pollution-free, safe and noise-free area.

Lutyens’ is one such area in Delhi where every facility is present. A lot of people want to live in Lutyens since it houses a wide range of luxury properties to rent . It is an expensive zone in Delhi. The prices of cottages in this area are quite high. And ordinary people can’t own a house here. So, why not opt for rented homes and apartments.

Don’t worry! We will help you with this.

Lutyens’s houses and flats on rent are a bit higher than in other areas in Delhi. It is a posh area where luxurious houses and apartments are available to let. These houses are laden with all modern amenities, best schools, full-proof security systems, and much more.

This is the place where you can get an excellent and delightful environment. Breathtaking views of the area will seduce you. The social circle is also excellent here. High ranked officials, leading business people, army officers, judges, lawyers, and doctors from different parts of the country live here.

It offers an incredible blend of the ancient side with a modern feel. A lush green lawn and wide-open terrace are available in most houses in the posh area of south Delhi. You can sit and enjoy with your family in nature’s lap. To talk about housekeeping and other services, qualified maids and drivers are available at a phone call.

Renting in urban areas is a necessity as people go to different places due to jobs or studies. Renting also allows for spreading your earnings and savings over different types of investments. Even you don’t have to worry about depreciating values of property due to various reasons.