Why is it a good idea to read hosted email reviews? If you are looking to set up cloud based SAAS (software as a service) or to upgrade email software for your business, reading reviews of various available email options is a smart idea. User based reviews of products will help you investigate all options, help you determine which one(s) may or may not be right for you, and can help you uncover important information that will bring you closer to making a smart decision for you or your business.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Computing in a secure cloud is smart. It gives the average user access to more robust technology than he or she could afford or manage for their business. The cloud computing clustered setup is especially helpful for electronic mail because of the scalability and ability to carefully save large amounts of data and access it from anywhere. This is reliable and handled by teams of professionals who can ensure business continuity and disaster preparedness so your data is not at risk.

From a security standpoint, hosted email options are generally preferable over in-house email as well. Some hosted email providers will offer an upgrade version of their subscription that offers security tools such as anti-spam and anti-virus. Others may even offer a free value added subscription that includes multiple layers of anti-spam and anti-virus protection as part of their monthly fee.

Whether your business has to carefully manage data for government compliance or you’re just someone who needs to have robust email that you don’t have to manage technically, hosted email could be a great solution for you.

When reading reviews of hosted email or cloud email options, here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Pricing. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Not all hosted email subscriptions are the same so it’s important to be sure that when you do a cost comparison to another option or to a non-hosted email solution, you are looking at the full scope of what each product does and what extras are included.
  • Support. Because you’ll be dealing with the “cloud”, you want to know that you’ve got support should something go awry. Seek a company with a good support and customer service reputation so that you’re not frustrated when a problem does arise.
  • Cross platform abilities. Be careful that the client you are looking at will work with the technology you use today and that it has the ability to work with all types of technology. You wouldn’t want to limit your abilities to upgrade your laptop, desktop, or smart phone later on because of the email client you chose.
  • Look at the big picture. One bad review shouldn’t put you off without further digging. The same goes for one good review of a software or SAAS company type. Consider looking at reviews, looking at hosted email provider websites, and at doing a trial run to see how the items on your short list stack up to your expectations and your former email solution (if applicable).

Find hosted email reviews on article sites, on social media, on news sites, and message boards. Carefully make a decision based on your needs today and what you anticipate your needs to be like in the near future. Look for scalability, security, reliability, value, and good customer service. Then make your decision about the best hosted cloud based email option for you.