Entrance Doors: Standard Front Vs Pivot Doors

All homes have doors. They provide a form of safety and comfort to the home owner. Although many have evolved into the modern era with ease, some aspects may be outdated just like in the old days.

Each type of door has a pro as well as a con. So it’s up to you as to what feels right, depending on your needs.

Pivot doors may have an enhanced built in security mechanism but are they really safe? There may be a time that you open the door and perhaps a child wants to go through the smaller gap. If you try and close the door you might hit the child with the door. This might not happen necessarily but something similar could happen with a normal door if your eyes are not on the child. You could open or close the door in their face anyway.

Pivot doors can’t be sealed like a standard door. One will notice that even the general shower door is a pivot door design and it doesn’t work the same way as a wooden entrance door. There may be minor issues with these doors but somehow they can also be technically better than any standard option. The pivot door is weighted at the bottom. This means that it is more stable and can probably hold down if something dramatic were to happen.

A pivot door is slightly wider than a single front door and for this reason it is easier to move furniture around without having to do crazy lifting through your windows or balconies.

Depending on which pivot door you get, you could save a lot of space. Normal doors either open right into the room or against a wall but a pivot door won’t need that. It is also quite a glamourous option. It adds a sense of grandeur to your home.

Each door has a beautiful appearance that could compliment your house perfectly. Whether it has a modern feel or classic feel either could do you home style justice. For a more personalized approach, a custom door manufacturer could be your best bet at finding the right option for you.

It’s important to know what you want for your home so that you can feel happy with your choice. Each door will have its own pros and cons, but it’s better to focus on the benefits. The choice is all up to what you feel and to choose the door that has the best functionality for your lifestyle.