Enjoy City Life And The Outdoors In Rice Military Homes

Rice Military Homes offer the advantages of city living combined with the beauty of one of USA’s largest urban parks. Situated in the vibrant and busy city of Houston, Texas, it is no wonder that it is one of most sought after Houston real estate properties not only by the upper middle class, but also by young urban professionals, empty nesters and affluent home seekers. Rice Military Homes which is situated just west, downtown of Houston, is gaining popularity due to its proximity to Memorial Park and Allen Parkway recreational areas.

Offers a Vibrant Environment

The Rice Military Homes gets its name from, Mr. William Marsh Rice, a notable person who founded the Rice University and Camp Logan, a WWI United States military training camp, which is situated close to the place.

The Rice Military Area is surrounded by pleasant neighborhoods on all the sides. In addition, it is in close proximity to Houston downtown with its active nightlife, the museum, and Galleria shopping. The amazing location surrounded by parks having lush foliage, makes it one of the most exciting and charming places to live in. The site features trails, tennis courts, fields and wide open-spaces and a renowned 600- acre golf course. It has provisions for activities like:

* Swimming

* Tennis

* Hiking

* Biking

* Softball

* Volleyball

* Golf

* Baseball

The Rice Military area is conveniently located inside the loop within walking distance from the renowned Memorial Park. The area itself encourages an active lifestyle with its crisp fresh air and location, which encourages outdoor activities. There are a wide range of townhouses and condominiums, with spacious rooms and garage area, which can satisfy the requirement of anyone looking for a good home surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere.

Houston Real Estate and Houston Properties

As Houston properties are always in high demand, it is tough to buy or sell homes without the help of a reliable Houston real estate dealer. A competent Houston real estate firm can help customers interested in buying a home in the Rice Military Area. They can provide them with essential information like:

* Accurate details about homes and other properties currently up for sale

* Comparison of prices with relevance to previous deals executed

* Information regarding the neighborhood and community areas like shopping malls, places of worship, universities, schools, restaurants, theaters and other conveniences.

* Accurate listing details

* Number of days the property has been on the market

* Comprehensive details of sold out homes

Real estate dealers offer unique marketing strategies to customers who are interested in selling their Houston properties. They maximize the exposure of the property by highlighting its positive features through their website.

A variety of town homes, condos and an appealing array of upscale apartments are available for lease and rent. This is convenient for people looking for temporary homes and for those who cannot afford to make an outright purchase. Most of the buildings constructed by skilled professionals feature an appealing array of state-of- the-art amenities, with eye catching designer features as an added attraction.

For those looking for a modern urban neighborhood set amidst natural surroundings, Rice Military homes is the right place, as it provides the best of both urban life and nature for its dwellers.