Different Types and Process of Foreclosure Auction

Foreclosure means forced sale of property pledged as security for a debt that is in default. Foreclosure generally takes place when the homeowner is not able to pay mortgage fees on the property and so he has to give back the land so that he can pay his fees. Foreclosure means that the mortgagee, lender, or lien holder obtains a court order for taking the property from the borrower as he has not paid his dues. Many people do not know about foreclosure auctions. Foreclosure auction takes place when the bank has repossessed the property of the owner as he has not paid his loan payment. So bank sells this property through foreclosure auction. Different types of foreclosure are judicial sale; power of sale. Judicial sale is done under the supervision of the court. When the property is sold first the remaining mortgage is paid, and then to the other lien holders. After paying the lien holders if anything is left, it is paid to former property owner. Foreclosure by power of sale is one more type of foreclosure property. Court interference is not required in this type of sale. This type of foreclosure is much faster than judicial sale.

The properties are generally seized because the mortgagor is not able to make his payments on time. When the mortgagor has agreed to pay the amount on time and is not able to pay the amount for a certain time, then the bank seizes that property and it no longer belongs to the mortgagor. Since bank can’t maintain these properties they go on for foreclosure auction. This property can be purchased by anyone. Since bank does not want full amount because the former mortgagor has paid some amount, it tries to sell the property at lower prices. This can benefit the new buyer. The buyer finds it attractive to buy these properties because they don’t have to face any problem because it is being sold by the bank and so all the necessary documents will be right and the buyer does not face any trouble. The best way to find foreclosure auction is to check the local newspaper or internet. The bank will post which properties they are selling cheap.

Foreclosure auction mostly takes place in countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. In Switzerland foreclosure mostly takes place as a form of debt enforcement proceedings under Swiss insolvency law. Some individuals and companies are engaged in the business of purchasing properties at foreclosure sales. Foreclosed property is considered a worthwhile investment because bank or Mortgage Company just wants to recover more than is pledged against it. The number of homes that are sold through foreclosure has increased to 79 percent in 2007, where one of every 100 U.S. households goes through foreclosure process, according to RealtyTrac. Foreclosure investment is constantly increasing every year in U.S. In United States there are two types of foreclosure like the deed in lieu of foreclosure or strict foreclosure.