Corner Fireplace Designs – A Great Way to Save Space

A fireplace today can be situated in any part of the house. The portable types can be placed anywhere you want. For the permanent type, you can install one on the side, in the center or even in the corner area.

As always, a corner fireplace can serve as an attractive focal point for a living room or even a bedroom. Whatever the design, color scheme and type of fuel you use, it is guaranteed to be an attention grabber in your home.

Corner fireplace designs that are the traditional type usually involve the standard components such as the firebox and mantel. It can be installed on a ground level or a bit elevated and with its flooring extending from the main opening. Whichever suits your style, you can also choose to have just a plain and simple framework for the opening or incorporate other designs.

An important component that should not be forgotten when considering your fireplace designs especially for the traditional structure is the mantel. This can be a simple shelf or decorated with carvings and other patterns. Having this on top of the fireplace opening is sure to enhance the beauty of your heating structure.

Modern fireplaces can be situated on the corner as well. They’re actually more flexible due to their light weight and ease of installation. So whether you want the freestanding including the wall mounted, a contemporary style will fit any room so long as it complements your overall interior design. In other words, modern fireplace designs are most suitable for spaces that feature a contemporary and minimalist theme.

To complement your modern fireplace style, you may want to opt to use the gel fuel instead of wood. Wood requires more effort from storing your logs to cleaning the ashes after using the fireplace. For people who just want to keep warm and relax for the night after a busy day, a gel fueled corner fireplace design is perfect. It’s a worry-free option as no smoke is emitted and no ashes to clean afterwards. What’s only needed is you follow the proper instructions for installation and use to ensure the safety of everyone in the house.

If construction is an issue for you, a good tip to keep in mind is to have your corner fireplace custom built. There are many manufacturers available online these days which means you can conveniently check which of them you would prefer to create your dream corner fireplace design.

Corner fireplace designs are perfect for small homes although they can be installed in spacious homes as well. The truth is that when you install a fireplace in a corner area of your small home, you can achieve the illusion of a spacious room. Consider then that even with limited space, you can always add a corner fireplace without giving your room a cluttered look.

Fireplace designs are endless today so be prepared to be greatly challenged in terms of picking the best corner fireplace design fit for your home. Don’t rush things so you will be able to decide well.