Chicken House Design – Making the Most of Your Chicken House Design

Choosing your chicken house design carefully will be critical to ensure that you end up with a chicken coop that you’re fully satisfied with. Many chicken farmers don’t go through the process correctly and make some mistakes that they later regret quite thoroughly. If you’re not planning properly, don’t expect to get fresh eggs every day because chickens can be quite finicky. You have to make sure you get some aspects correct so that you can get those fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Here is what you need to know about using a proper chicken house design.

Choose Your Size Carefully

The first thing you need to be doing is choosing the size you will build the chicken coop wisely. Many people overlook this aspect of their chicken house design and it’s the one that you must get right.

If you have more than three chickens, you’re going to need a medium to large sized coop, so make sure you’re building accordingly.

If you try and cram too many birds into the house, they are not going to feel comfortable and will just cause problems. It’s a simple problem to prevent with a bit of before-hand planning.

Make Good Use Of Windows

Next, you should also be sure you’re making use of windows. Windows will be what lets the light into the chicken coop and allows your chickens to feel healthy.

If you aren’t going to use windows, you must be wiring in electrical light instead. That will provide the light they need and help them feel their best throughout the day.

Locate On A Flat Piece of Land

The last component of the chicken house design you need to look after is the piece of land you build on. Ideally you want to be building on a piece of flat land since that will help the house maintain its structural integrity. If you’re building on land that’s soft or gets heavy rainfall, you could experience problems later on.

Double check this over and if landscaping is needed, make sure you do it. If you look after that yourself it’ll save you a lot of money and will be a relatively fast process as well.

So keep these factors in mind as you go about building your chicken house. When done properly, you shouldn’t have any of the problems other people sometimes experience with their coop.