Cheap Flights From UK to Cyprus – Better All the Time!

Cheap flights from the UK to Cyprus are becoming more available as the budget airlines are now flying to the island. These will increase further with the upgrading of both the Republics airports in Larnaca and Paphos. The greater accessibility to the island has made Cyprus property for sale even more popular as a holiday-home location and more and more a location to relocate permanently.

Larnaca became the islands main airport due to the closing of Nicosia airport following the 1974 Turkish invasion; it was originally designed to handle 2.5 million passengers per annum, now in fact over 6 million pass through. The current passenger buildings have already been extensively upgraded and renovated while phase 1 of the new terminal is being built. The new complex has a three-level 95,000 square metre terminal with a capacity for 7.5 million passengers a year; this is due to open in 2009. Phase 2 a year later will increase the volume again to accommodate 9 million travellers. Cheap flights from the UK to Cyprus and return flights, Cyprus to UK will gain from the infrastructure improvement and passengers will benefit from the increased competition between airlines.

Paphos is regarded as the second international airport in the Republic of Cyprus and caters mainly although not exclusively for charter airlines, making this a major destination for cheap flights from the UK to Cyprus and return flights, Cyprus to UK. Paphos is also being improved with its new terminal being able to cater for 2.7 million passengers a year. When looking for cheap flights from UK to Cyprus do keep in mind that as the island is small and either airport has easy connections via the road network to the whole island, so if you come across a really amazing deal – snap it up!

Cyprus property for sale appeals to many different types of purchasers due to the diversity of its buildings and locations. The island has much to offer as the place for a holiday home due the fantastic climate in Cyprus, long hot summers, warm mild winters and incredible scenery. Many people are also choosing to relocate permanently, either to retire or join the record number of Britons fleeing the country for more appealing climates, lower taxes, affordable property, fewer traffic jams and one of the lowest crime rates in the EU.

Cyprus topped the list of the ten most popular retirement countries by the Homebuyer and Property investor show in 2008 based on eight key categories; income tax, inheritance tax, property tax, property costs, healthcare, climate, ease of gaining residency, and culture. These categories are not just relevant to retirees, but to younger people and families. Children in Cyprus have the kind of childhood you can only dream of in many other countries now.

So all in all, cheap flights from the UK to Cyprus and return flights, Cyprus to UK and Cyprus property for sale are encouraging many people, sometimes just for holidays but more and more to escape from the rat-race and enjoy life and- with an actual lifestyle – in the sun!!