The Outline of a Pigeon House

When looking into building a pigeon house or coop, you need to take different things into consideration. Many things need to be thought of such as animal intruders, the amount of birds you are going to house, the space in which you have to work with and of course the weather and environment where you live is going to play a major role as well.

By accounting for all these things, you are going to be able to build a structure that will house your birds with comfort and style. It is important that they are comfortable in their living environment if you want them to breed and live a happy healthy life. It may sound strange that you want to keep your birds comfortable but would you want to be cramped in a small space all of the time. When you think about it that way, it sheds a completely new light on the subject. Size and design are very important to healthy breeding.

Options for a Pigeon House

You are going to have options that you can consider when you are building your pigeon house. A few of the things that you need to think about are whether you are going to be racing your pigeons, breeding your pigeons or if they are going to be carrier pigeons. Each of these is going to require different specifications. You also need to decide if you are going to let your pigeons fly. If so, you can add a trap with a landing so that your birds are able to come and go freely. You will also need to think about it if you are going to breed. For those that are, this type of pigeon housing should contain two separate pens. By doing so, you will be able to separate the couples from those that have not found a mate so the others can breed. You may also want to consider boxes for nesting which provides comfort and privacy to the couples.

Deciding on the Right Pigeon House

By taking all of these things into consideration, you are going to find that you will be able to build the best home possible for your flying friends. There are also different types of pigeons so you are going to need to consider that as well so you are able to provide each breed with exactly what they need. Space is very important so in deciding upon the design that you are going to use you will need to make sure that they have plenty of room to run so to speak. When they are cramped into a tight fitting environment they tend to get sick more often and they are not very productive. You also want to make sure that you have plenty of room to move around on the inside as well. By taking all of this into thought, you are going to be able to build the pigeon house that will be the most beneficial to your birds.