“Attention XYZ passengers, flight #123 will be delayed,” came over the airport speakers. Knowing my fellow travelers, I knew that theatrical complaints would be forthcoming. I sat back and prepared for the show, the body language, heavy sighs, and vocal frustration to the news all surrounded me. My neighbor leaned in close to me to gauge my attitude. “Can you believe this?” she began. “This happens every time I fly with this airline. I’m going to locate a manager because this is not acceptable!” she shouted. I smiled and nodded. Unsatisfied with my middle-ground response she pressed, “What do you think about this mess?” “Unfortunately we can’t change the delay, but maybe they’ll give you a free upgrade for the inconvenience,” I offered. I wonder if she got one.

Was I upset that our plane was delayed? Sure I was, I don’t think I’d be human if I weren’t, but I could not allow something I had no control over to control me. Only I can control me. Some of the best quotes I’ve read stress the importance of a great attitude, and allowing a bad one to impact the remainder of my day wasn’t wise. I decided writing would be a better use of my time.

I pulled out my laptop, attempted to power it up and guess what? Nada, the battery’s dead. Scouring around for an energy source netted nothing, not at my gate, the competing airline’s gate, or the overpriced food court. “Gotta be power somewhere in this place-aha find a coffee house,” I thought. Success! I plug in, run my cord across the floor, and begin pecking away. Just as my keystrokes begin recording the flight delay fiasco, I’m interrupted. “I’m sorry sir, but you cannot run that cord across the floor like that,” says the airport maintenance person. (Here for a coffee break are we?-just my luck.) “Okay, thank you,” I respond as I get up to move. He continues, “The airport has very strict rules about this kind of thing-someone could trip and fall.” Again, I thank the gentleman and try to leave, but he continues with more reasons for sending me on my way. “Really, it’s no problem at all,” I offered with a smile as I leave.

I circle the area a few more times in search of power but no luck. Back at my original spot, I decide to write with a pad and pen instead. My “new friend” is still there and asks, “Hey, did you find an outlet for your computer?”

“Nope, not yet,” I answered.

“Well, come right this way,” he waves.

“Where are we headed?” I question.

He again motions for me to follow his lead. To my surprise, the maintenance guy suggests to ten people that they should get up and completely rearrange themselves (gadgets, food and carry on) to make room for yours truly. After settling in to my new digs, my recently appointed “assistant” left me with a joke: “You know we charge $20 bucks an hour for power?” I laughed and waved thanks.

I believe I received the help I needed with my electricity dilemma because of my positive manner. Making a decision to have a great day when I leave home each morning is a habit. Complete control of your attitude is yours and yours alone to maintain. How could I allow that maintenance guy (who was only doing his job), or any other person I come into contact with, to interfere in a negative way with what I am doing? I have planned a positive day, to accomplish activities x, y and z. “Good” or “bad” days happen because of the attitude in which you approach them. Think your day will be good-you’re right. Think your day will be bad-you’re right again. The choice is yours.

I didn’t always start off with a great mind-set everyday-no, that took work. It took lots of practice, reading, and watching several inspirational videos to improve my outlook on life. Hugh Down’s quote is the best: “A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” Now that’s an inspirational quote to live by.

Think of your perfect days of the past. You couldn’t have written a better scene had you been doing it for a living in Hollywood. How did it get that way? What did you do or not do to achieve that perfect outcome? I’ll bet you were thinking positively and projecting an optimistic attitude. Always choose positive viewpoints to have more of the positive results you seek in life–It’s the only way to go about your day.