From traditional buildings to the modern, elite homes-architectural designs and styles have undergone a phenomenal change. Modern architects usually take inspiration and guide from the old styles of architecture to construct something that’s classy and functional. Today, one can find modern architectural drawing software to make things easier for professional architects. These modern architectural renderings help to showcase the design even in a three-dimensional form.

Chilotan architecture a popular style of architecture. This architectural style is seen on the Chiloe Island and all the neighboring areas. All the earlier houses were built with wood, and roof shingles were also incorporated in the construction.

Gothic architecture was prominent during the high and the late medieval period and began at the Abbey of Saint-Denis. There are certain characteristics that are particularly symbolic of Gothic architecture such as the pointed arches, large individual windows, flamboyant designs and the emphasis on the creation of vertical lines in the design.

Victorian is not actually a style, but a period in history, and Victorian architecture comes in many forms. There are the austere stick style homes, the fanciful Gothic Revival cottages, and the majestic Italianates. When people think about the Victorian architecture, they generally fancy homes with lavish features, wrap-around porches and elaborate trim.

With the sleek, streamlined appearance of a modern machine, Art Moderne architecture expresses the spirit of a new, technological age. Art Moderne truly reflects the spirit of the early twentieth century. Expressing excitement over technological advancements, high speed transportation, and innovative new construction techniques, Art Moderne also proves to be a pragmatic style because these simple dwellings are so easy and economical to build.