Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4 Styles Of Houses

While certain areas of the world, only build specific styles of houses, and some parts of America, emphasize one, over others, potential homeowners, should understand, the differences, between the 4 major styles of homes, and better, consider, the pros and cons, features, and which, might best serve their specific needs, best. Each of these, has both, advantages and disadvantages, both, overall, as well as for individual needs, goals, and priorities. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, analyze, discuss, and explain, both, the strengths and weaknesses, of 4, of these, house styles.

1. Colonial: Traditionally, in most areas of the United States, colonial – style houses, are the most popular, and garner the highest selling, and resale prices. Although the disadvantages, might be, not wanting to climb steps, etc, as well as the added energy costs. etc, and, for some, not needing, such a large house, the advantages, for many, outweigh these! Colonial homes have layouts, which generally flow, well, and separate the living areas, where the bedrooms (or most of them), are separated from, the so – called, common areas! Traditionally, a center – hall, colonial, comes with 4 bedrooms (although, there are many variations, etc), 2 or, generally more, bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and full kitchen, and usually, a full basement. They are usually, relatively simple, to modify, and customize!

2. Ranch houses: The principal advantage of this style of house, is, it is on, one floor, and one does not need, to climb steps. It means, all the rooms, are usually, on one floor, and, thus, those who don’t want to, or have difficulty, climbing steps, are attracted to ranch houses. However, they also require more land, to have the same interior space, and, thus, some need to consider, these potential limitations. Houses with more land, etc, are often, the most suitable for larger ranch house, but one should understand, these come, in various sizes, etc.

3. Split – level: Sometimes, the terrain, and the land, benefit a split – level house. These homes, generally, use half – floor, open – style, designs, focused on walking in, on one floor, walking down, or up, to additional housing, rooms, etc. Some do not like this layout, and these, generally, are somewhat, less popular!

4. Splanch: Splanch houses, are hybrid – types, combining certain features of a ranch house, with others, related to split – level, ones.

The central rule of real estate, is there is generally, a house, for anyone, who wants one. Smart home buyers consider the advantages and disadvantages, carefully, and understand, which is best – suited, to their specific needs, and requirements.