Architectural Animation is a short digital architectural movie which incorporates the concerned project or building, the location, animated people and automobiles, all of these are digitally created with the aid of 2D or 3D animation techniques. Contrary to an architectural rendering, which is displays a single image from a single point of view, an architectural animation is a series of this kind of still images. When this series of images are arranged in a sequence and played, they bring about the effect of a movie, similar to a real movie except for; all images in an here are digitally developed by computer. It aids in displaying an accurate view of the surroundings with the help of customized landscape.It is a boon for Architects and Designers to provide a 360 degree view of how the building will look after actual construction in an effective and interactive way.

Architects are always in search of better and more advanced techniques to avail benefits from it. It is one latest method which can be defined as computer generated animated video of the architectural aspects of the building with intricate details in the short duration of the video. Architectural Rendering is the most effective technique to showcase the photorealistic effect of the building.

3D architectural animation is a one stop solution which aids an Architect to demonstrate a building in a realistic visualization. It is beneficial in many ways:

 Provides significantly greater amount of details with regards to building’s architecture in an animated video format gives superior visualization to architects
 Representation of building’s architecture with additional perceptions and different angles, also moving animation from all angles provides explicit idea regarding building’s geography
 Easy implementation in construction projects for enhanced view

Architectural animation is often recognized as a series of animated 3D images of building’s geographical elements which is created using numerous modern techniques. Team of artists make 360 degree views and assists you to select suitable design for your future construction. In earlier times there existed a probability of re designing since there was no method to view your future building in virtual environment. These are also utilized extensively for interior design purpose in fact it is not limited up to interior but additionally put to use for landscaping. Landscaping is considered the most complicated process but animation makes it effortless since it offers pre visualization.

Architects make use of these animated 3D models of buildings as a template design of their structure.Since 3D Architectural Animation is a digitalized methodology, it is possible to automatically update the changes as per client’s specifications. Architectural Animations cater to the following sectors of building construction:

• It assists in creating 3D animation models of residential, commercial and industrial buildings
• Easy implementation of Animated 3D models for building’s interior
• 3D exterior architectural animation with detailed landscape and wall posts
• 3D animation rendering of various building types such as health care, schools etc

Architectural Experts are incorporating 3D animation of 3D house plans, 3D floor plans etc to represent a detailed and real view of the building from all the perspectives.